After 10 years of super cyclone, Doppler weather radar to be set up at Gopalpur
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Berhampur ( Orissa) : Now, after 10 years of super cyclone that took thousands of lives, displacing lakhs of people and destroying properties worth billions in the coastal areas of Orissa in 1999, the state government has seem be to be in a wake up mood as it was decided to install a high powered Doppler radar having the capacity to analyze the frequency of waves, signals and weather reports, at three places in the state including at Gopalpur.

For the installation of Doppler radar, an area of 3 acres has already been located along the Gopalpur Sea and it has already been transferred to the weather department.

Berhampur Tahsildar, Director of weather department and Relief Commissioner had already visited the site and were supervising the activities to install the radar along the coast in Bay of Bengal. It is learnt that around 7.5 crore had been earmarked for this purpose.

Though, it has been decided to install such Doppler radars at three places; Sambalpur, Paradip and Gopalpur in the state, yet Gopalpur project should be the first of its kind in the state and measures are being taken to install it at Gopalpur first as soon as possible.

With such a Doppler radar, prior information about cyclones, low pressures and other weather related data and reports can be collected within a range of up to 5,00 KM from the coastal region in Bay of Bengal.

Doppler radar makes use of the Doppler Effect to produce data about objects at a distance. It does this by beaming a microwave signal towards a desired target and listening for its reflection, then analyzing how the original signal has been altered by the object(s) that reflected it.

Variations in the frequency of the signal give direct and highly accurate measurements of a target's velocity relative to the radar source and the direction of the microwave beam. Doppler radars are used in air defense, air traffic control, sounding satellites and radiology.



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