All the blocks of Kandhamal get Tahsils
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All the blocks of Kandhamal get Tahsils
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Berhampur ( Orissa) : Meeting to the demand of Kui people of Kandhamal, Orissa Govt established Tahasils in all the 12 blocks of the district.

It may be a positive step towards solving the problems of the local tribal people who were on a rebellious path protesting the misuse of scheduled tribe certificates by non-tribal people and getting all the benefits meant for the tribal people as result of which the tribal people mostly the Kui tribe people were being deprived of their benefits.

The present district of Kandhamal was originally a part of the princely state of Boudh and Ghumsar prior to the take over by the British in 1855. Thereafter, the British administered the region taking it as a sub-division under the control of the Ganjam Collector who was the Agent to the Governor of the then Madras Presidency.

It remained as a part of Ganjam even after the formation of separate state of Orissa and formation of the Phulbani district took place with the merger of Boudh in 1948 after the Independence. And during the term of Biju Patnaik as Chief Minister, again the districts of Phulbani and Boudh became two separate districts and Phulbani was again renamed as Kandhamal after the 'Kandha' tribe who are the original inhabitants of the region.

The Kandhamal district had 2 sub divisions namely the Phulbani and Baliguda comprising a total of 12 blocks; Phulbani, Khojuripada, Phiringia, Baliguda, Chakapada, Tikabali, Raikia, G. Udyayagiri, K Nuagaon, Tumudibandha, Kotagada and Daringibadi. However, there were only 4 Tahsils namely Phulbani, Baliguda, G. Udayagiri and Daringibadi.

As per the declaration, Tahsils are to be established in 8 blocks namely K Nuagaon, Phiringia, Kotagada, Tikabali, Raikia, Chakapada, Tumudibandha and Khojuripada in the Kandhamal district.

While Shesadeba Mishra has been posted at Phiringia Tahsildar, Lalatendu Sahu at Tumudibandha, Mayadhar Behera at Kotagada, Rajesh Sahu at K Nuagaon, Sibasankar Mohapatra at Raikia, Harihara Jena at Tikabali, Mandradhara Mahalik at Chakapada and Biranchi Narayan Darwan has been posted as Khojuripada Tahsildar. Till the construction of Tahsil office buildings, the offices of these newly formed Tahsils would function at respective block offices.

Speaking to the our correspondent over phone, Kui Samaj leader Lambodar Kanhar expressed happiness stating 'it was expected as it was demanded by the Kui Samaj'.

However, they were satisfied to some extent with the opening of new Tahsils but they would expect these Tahsils and Tahsildars to function properly, Kanhar added.



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