Central team gives its nod to Argul for IIT-Bhubaneswar
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Bhubaneswar (Orissa): The site selection committee headed by additional Secretary of the Ministry of Human Resource Development Ashok Thakur finalized Argul for IIT-Bhubaneswar.

The Committee visited all the four places that state Government has identified. The State Government has identified Argul near Jatni, Malipada near Khurda from Khurda district and Ramdaspur near Naraj and Dampada near Banki from Cuttack district.

Thakur himself visited Argul and expressed satisfaction over the place, said sources. It has 891 acre of land out of which 500 acres are readily available. It is also nearer to the Capital city and well connected with rail and road.

Institutions like NISER, various engineering colleges and other institutions are coming up in the nearby area. The State Government favored this place for the IIT-Bhubaneswar as the most suitable one.

Among the other team members, Professor A K Dey, former Director IIT-Mumbai, Professor Damodar Achrya, Director IIT-Kharagpur and Dr.K Narayan Rao, Member Secretary AICTE visited the spots.



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